Dr. Robert Leone

Dr. Robert E. Leone is an attorney and the in-house trial psychologist at The Lanier Law Firm. His pre-trial preparations allow the firm's clients an inside look at how their case will be received by a jury.

An accomplished lawyer, Dr. Leone joined the firm in 1997 after serving as the Director of Research at The Wilmington Institute in Dallas, one of the nation's leading jury research firms. He served as a trial psychologist in such high-profile cases as the Oklahoma City Bombing, the McDonald's Coffee Cup case, the Susan Smith murder trial and the Selena murder trial.

Dr. Leone earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1970, where he also earned a graduate degree in Research Design in 1976. Dr. Leone received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from U.S. International University in San Diego in 1983, and earned his law degree from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 1993. While at Texas Wesleyan Dr. Leone helped establish the school's first legal fraternity, Delta Theta Phi, and was also SBA President, Order of the Barristers, and Managing Editor of Texas Wesleyan Law Review.

Dr. Leone lives in Houston with his amazing wife Kelly, and takes great pride in his wonderful children Natalie, Veronica, Johny and Shannon.

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